Five Element Feng Shui

What Happens During the Feng Shui Consultation?

During the consultation, we will speak with you about what you wish to achieve from the Feng Shui. It will address any problems you feel you have, for example with the house itself, or with relationships, neighbours, the location, or external factors

We will then walk around the property with you and look at the rooms that will be included in the visit.

Then we will look at the building as a whole and any external or environmental influences that may be present.

Health, Wealth, Family, Children & Projects, Career, Reputation & Work

When looking at individual rooms during the Feng Shui consultation, we are advising not only which will be the most beneficial colour for each room, but will also be identifying significant areas within the room and whether these areas are of a helpful or hindering energy.

Every room will have areas associated with health, wealth, family, children and projects, career, reputation and work

Suggestions will be made for any cures that are needed to balance the energy and where placement of furniture, beds, tables, desks, etc. will be most prestigious.

Cures can include the use of colour, crystals, mirrors, plants or particular shapes that represent the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Art & Science

People often worry that by having a Feng Shui consultation they will be forced to change everything in the whole house and immediately! This is not the case. It is fine for rooms to be rearranged at different times and for the changes to take place when you are ready. Colours can also be worrisome, but what’s great about the prescription of a colour is that it will include the whole spectrum of that colour. For example, red can vary from the palest pink to the most striking scarlet.

Feng Shui, although both an art and a science, also includes common sense and reality! We can help both to identify the best-case scenario and also find ways around things that cannot be changed.

You do not need to believe in Feng Shui in order to benefit from a consultation. Just like how many patients who do not believe in acupuncture or understand how it works (and often come as a last resort) find that they benefit from the treatment.