Infertility & Pregnancy

I have a special interest and extensive experience working with those facing fertility issues.

Five Element Acupuncture takes a whole mind/body approach to help create the optimum conditions for conception.

Whether a natural conception is the goal or assisted fertility treatment is being undertaken, I offer a non-judgemental space for those hoping to start or add to their family.

Infertility & Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Birth

One of my professional passions is helping women enjoy the most comfortable pregnancy and birth possible. I offer acupuncture to treat pregnancy related issues and conditions, including morning sickness.

In the final weeks of pregnancy pre-birth acupuncture, moxibustion for breech babies and acupuncture for ‘late’ arrivals is also offered.

In early pregnancy Pubic symphysis dysfunction can be a troublesome condition. Bowen is a safe effective and gentle treatment that can help this condition very effectively.

Bowen therapy uses a holistic technique to stretch the soft connective tissues in the body. This gentle stretching and manipulating of the fascia can promote pain relief in the muscles and joints.


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